Online Coaching Program!

A long distance learning program 

tailored to your and your horses needs!

No need to trailer to your lessons! Bring your lessons to the comfort of your home! 


This is a great opportunity to improve your riding and advance your horse to the next level from the comfort of your home. Work at the pace that works best for your.  

How does it work:  


Set up a camera or your cell phone in your riding arena and video your ride. You can upload your video to YOUTube or "live stream" directly from YouTube on an unlisted setting and enable comments.  Send me the link to your video via Facebook Messenger.  Don't worry this process is fairly simple!

I will watch the video and write my comments directly below your video.  I will also send you a detailed message on Facebook messenger with instructions and a lesson plan. 


The sky is the limit!   

Learning braught to a new level!

Work for the rider:

  1. We will be able to work on rider position

  2. Explain the aids and position of the riders seat

  3. Explain the movements that you will be riding as well as the correct aids

  4. Utilizes a wide variety of arena patterns

Work for the horse:

  1. Work on straightness

  2. Supple the horses body 

  3. Improve the horses balance, engagement & connection

  4. Work on transitions

  5. Improve all three gaits

  6. Problem solve

Contact me today to find out, if this is a program for you. 
Your consultation is free! 

Semi-Monthly and Monthly training sessions available at a very reasonable cost.  The more videos you post, the more you will get out of this program.  I will be checking in with you daily to check on your progress.


Contact me for pricing information. 

Live "Lesson" via
Zoom , Pivo, Messenger or WhatsApp

"Online lessons" are a great way to have a "live" riding lesson from your own arena with the instruction and feedback from an instructor.   The setup is very easy!  Contact me for more information.