Starting the young horse & schooling through the levels!

Mimosa starting to connect over her back

Starting Horses

  • All horses are started applying a classical training method (a much gentler approach!) based on biomechanics.  Horses are taken through the training scale and are willing and motivated to learn

Continued Schooling

  • Once the horse has learned the basics, it will continue to go through the levels of dressage and the training scale.  All training is based on biomechanics!

Problem Solving / Despooking

  • Horses that have problems or are incorrectly ridden are evaluated and can go through a re-schooling process.  “Physical Equine Therapy”

Prep for Shows

  • Preparing horse and rider for their tests.  Help with questions about shows, how to fill out forms and required memberships.

  • Learn how to correctly ride a dressage test.  Attention to preparation and accuracy! 

Nieto getting ready for his ride
Western Clinic

Trail conditioning

  • Working the horse on the trail, teaching spooking in place and desensitizing

Western Dressage

  • Teaching the western horse and rider correct balance and communication.


NOTE:  All breeds and Disciplines can benefit from my training. Also working with gaited horses!

Light Jumping

  • Yes we do jump all of our horses! From the beginning on we introduce ground   poles and work through simple gymnastics to eventually be able to jump 6- 7 jumps of various heights and sizes. 

Nieto getting used to the poles

This program analyses horse and rider.  

A “health” program is developed and implemented.
The training is designed to correct and improve the horse.

Solving Problems Pyramid