School A Test

April 3rd, 2021

Participants will ride their Dressage or Western Dressage test of choice.  Comments will be given for each movement from a training point of view.   We discuss the test and school the movements that need improvement paying close attention to a correct independant seat, correct application and timing of the aids.  Explaining the biomechanics of horse and rider will be part of the problem solving process.   
I encourage all riders to participate in the discussions and watch fellow riders.  This will be an interactive workshop. Bring your questions as well as paper and pen! 
Arena located at:  1338 M 1/2 Rd, Loma, CO 

Cost per test is $45 / 1hr times slots

Workshop entries must be received by  3/27/2021

Mail your entry to: Inka Spatafora, 1339 M 3/4 Rd,  Loma, CO.